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Whale Watch Cruises of New England

If You've never been on a whale watch cruise it is something you absolutely must put at the top of your bucket list. While visiting New England you can find many excellent whale watch cruises in 5 of the six New England States including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

New England Explorer staff members took to the high seas recently to report to you on the whale watch tours out of Gloucester, Massachusetts. 

We left Gloucester Harbor on the Yankee Spirit, which sails under the flag of The Yankee Fleet. It was a picture perfect day in Gloucester and our check of the Marine Weather Web Site predicted calm seas with waves under one foot. The harbor was bustling with tourists, many of whom had booked on one of the many whale watch boats that are available in the Cape Anne area. The Yankee Spirit was booked to its capacity of 149 passengers (it's a good idea to call ahead for reservations), as was its sister ship the Yankee Freedom, but let us assure you that even when loaded to capacity the accommodations on these boats are excellent.

As you will be sailing some 10 to 30 miles off shore to find the whales in their regular habitat it is reassuring that these are substantial, well equipped sailing vessels. The ship was in excellent condition and had very adequate seating for all on board. The restrooms were spotless and there were snacks and beverages available in the galley.

No need to wonder if you'll see whales or not, it's only a question of what type, and how many. There was plenty of room at the rails on the main and upper deck so all  could see the whales with no problem. Our trip narrator made a special point of requesting that adults make sure that children could stand close to the rail so that they did not miss any of the action.

We sailed out about 20 miles before we saw our first whales, a mother Humpback and her calf.

As you'll see in later photos, the biggest creatures in the sea are also amongst the gentlest, and most gregarious. We saw whales within 15 feet of our boat giving us a tremendous opportunity for photos. As big as the whales are, you won't feel threatened, only awe stricken. As you enjoy your tour, your narrators will share their vast knowledge of whales with you, identifying different species as they are spotted. If your lucky, you may get close up glimpses of other sea creatures such as dolphins, and seals which seem to enjoy the same feeding grounds as the whales.

If you are a visitor to New England you absolutely must take part in a whale watch cruise. We give our cruise with The Yankee Fleet our highest rating. 5 out of 5 stars


  New England Explorer


Here's A Checklist of What To Take With You On A Whale Watch Cruise


Whales Gloucester, MA

Mother and Calf

Whale  Diving Deep, Gloucester, MA


Whale Up Close and Personal

Real Close