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Photo Submission Form

The enclosed photo or photos are submitted to as suggestions for use in future electronic postcards.

It is understood that by submitting the attached photo/s that you are representing that you are the original photographer or owner of the photo/s and are granting permission to , a division of New England Explorer, to copy, reproduce and distribute the said photo/s and that there will be no monetary reimbursement to the submitting party. If your photo or photos are used you will be sent one New England Explorer T-Shirt for each photo used.

In order to be considered for publishing to our website you must sign the back of each photo and make reference to the location of the subject. ( such as "covered bridge Woodstock Vermont") You must also print a Hard Copy of this form and mail a completely filled out copy of it to:

New England Explorer

P.O. Box 8085

Lynn, MA 01904

Sorry, original photos can not be returned to you.

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