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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Does Experience Matter

     A. Think about it. If a company has 33 agents and claims to have 100 years of "combined experience" what does that prove? They may have 33 agents with an average of just over 3 years of experience each. Some may have more  experience, some less.

Q. What if a company has 30 agents and only 6 of them are top agents with many years of experience?

    A. Do the math! Every time the phone rings with an ad response you could have a one in five chance of an experienced agent handling the call, or  a five to one chance of a new agent, a part time agent, or an inexperienced or untrained agent.

It only takes a few weeks of classes to qualify to take the real estate exam. But, you may be wondering ... does that qualify them to sell my property? Technically .. yes. Practically ..  In a hot market maybe yes. In today's market well... you be the judge. In today's market 10% of the Real Estate professionals are producing 90% of the sales. What it takes is experience, and lots of it. Advertising.. and lots of it.

I've been in this business since 1970. That's over 45 years. I've seen and survived every kind of market you can imagine, and believe me.. there were much tougher markets than today.

If You Are A Homeowner: I will dedicate my 45 + years of experience to the successful sale of your home. I handle all my calls directly and personally. I am always there with a rapid response for my client (you).

If you are a developer: I offer dedicated on site marketing. I will only represent one developer at a time. (Put all your eggs in one basket .. and watch that basket) My listings must be top quality and priced right. When you hire me to work for you, you work directly with me. I handle all my calls directly and personally. I am always there with a rapid response for my client (you). I only represent sellers. I do not offer buyer agency or dual agency. How is my plan different?


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