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Can You Name This Famous New Englander?

  Featured New Englander:

In February, 1995, I became the twentieth conductor of "America's Orchestra." My Opening Night Pops concert featured Mandy Patinkin, Sylvia McNair, and Doc Severinsen.

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Famous New England Landmarks

John Coletti Leonard P Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge  Boston Photographic Print

Can you name this New England landmark?

Hint: Named after a renowned Boston civil rights activist of the 1990's.

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Looking for the ultimate antique adventure? A nice weekend getaway?

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So many things to do in New England. Here's a list of just a few.




  • Mall Milers. Visit our directory of shopping malls that are open for early morning walkers.

  • Walking Tours of New England - A trek along the Freedom Trail is a walk through Boston's past. Wind your way back into history and follow the trail traveled by more

  • Whale Watch Cruises We left Gloucester Harbor on the Yankee Spirit, which sails under the flag of The Yankee Fleet. It was a picture perfect day in Gloucester ... more

Featured New England City / Town

Featured City -  Salem, MA : America's Bewitching City 

Halloween Happenings in and around Salem and New England.


PreviousWeeks Featured Cities & Towns: 

Burlington VT




New England Photo of The Day

Waves breaking at Lynn Shore Drive, Lynn, MA

Breaking Waves at Lynn Shore Drive, Lynn, MA  Lynn Shore Drive, at Red Rock More

Lynn, MA

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Salem Willows Park - Named for the European white willow trees planted here in 1801 to form a shaded walk for patients convalescing at the old smallpox hospital. Later the area became a park. (read more)

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    Born in San Diego, California, Boston was my home from 1939 - 1960. During my career with the Boston Red Sox I had a lifetime batting average of .344, and in 1941 I batted .406, a record not bested in in over 59 years. Who am I ? Answer


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