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By Michael J. Gilroy

In this concise and easy to understand book author Michael J. Gilroy explains the fiercely guarded secrets of real estate entrepreneurs. These are the inside secrets that you won't find in other courses, and they are explained to you by a man who has been using them successfully for over 40 years. Unlike other books and courses about buying and flipping houses, this book will also explain the treasure of wealth available to you by using the probate courts. This is not a book filled with fluff and facts that would be obvious. These are the answers to questions people have been asking Mike for his entire career. Now, he is finally ready to tell all, and share those secrets with you. As Mike has already stated, you don't need a real estate license, you don't need a college degree, you don't even need money or good credit. All you need is information. Here it is. Yours for the taking. This book is an easy read. In fact you can finish it in one day, and be on your way to making money immediately. More

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You don't need to be a lawyer or hire one. The probate court records are public records that are open to anyone and everyone, and they hold a treasure of money making opportunities for you. I'll teach you how to use them. More...


What is a probate court? The following short article is from Wikipedia.org

A probate court (also called a surrogate court) is a specialized court that deals with matters of probate and the administration of estates.

Probate courts administer proper distribution of the assets of a decedent (one who has died), adjudicates the validity of wills, enforces the provisions of a valid will (by issuing the grant of probate), prevents malfeasance by executors and administrators of estates, and provides for the equitable distribution of the assets of persons who die intestate (without a valid will), such as by granting a grant of administration giving judicial approval to the personal representative to administer matters of the estate).

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Probate Court


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